Annual Report

IUCEE student Chapter at Saintgits College of Engineering – A Report


The IUCEE student leadership course started on February 28, 2020, intending to improve the employability of the students by enhancing their leadership, entrepreneurship, design thinking, teamwork, communication, project management and social responsibility skills. The main objective of this course is to overcome the most common complaint from the industry, i.e. Indian engineering students do not graduate with proper industrial as well as organizational skills. IUCEE took this as a challenge and came up with a solution for this by starting a course.

 Participants from Saintgits college of Engineering were:

During the course period, webinars were conducted at 7:30 pm every Friday by some of the world’s leading professors like Dr.S.D.Rajan, Dr.Raj Rajaram, Dr.Krishna Vedula, Dr Agami Reddy, Dr Aditya Bhatnagar, Dr Prakasam Tata and Er. Ravi Talluri, and many more. 

The weekly webinars focused on five major tracks of society - Affordable housing, Clean Water, Sustainable Energy, Waste management, and Educational Augmentation. The webinars have provided clear insight on the importance of these major tracks for the overall development of the society. The presenters explained in detail about some successful projects completed by them including the Vilathikulam Village Water Reservoir - Remediation of a Polluted Man-made Lake in Vizianagaram, A.P., India and 24/7 Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Duppada SC Colony, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh.


They also shared their experiences on the challenges faced during the implementation. This has provided the participants with an idea on how to come up with a project, how to execute them, and the probable challenges that may be faced. 

Participants were encouraged to join the ‘Engineering Without Borders’ chapter of their respective colleges. Students from Saintgits college were provided with guidelines and instructions to start a new EWB chapter and be its initial members.

Weekly assignments were given to all the students during the course. The members have responded positively to the given tasks and came out with fruitful results every time. The major focus of the assignments was the preparation of research papers, practice on mail content preparation to professional bodies of different organizations, intense discussion, development and presentation of new innovative solutions to the problems faced by the society on the 5 tracks detailed earlier. This has helped in enhancing the employability skills of the participants. Sooraj, Sherwin and Abhay, worked on a research paper in Affordable Housing titled ‘Housing solutions for lower-Kuttanad’. The same has also been presented as a final presentation. 

At the end of the course, all the participants got a better understanding of what real engineers do and how to gain hands-on exposure and become true professionals. The course has provided continuous training for all the attendees in major aspects requiring solutions to problems faced by society. The final stage of the course had focussed on the development of innovative ideas and project presentation in which each team had to select one among the five tracks. Participants did ample research on the topics and brought out relevant and feasible solutions to the problems.

As mentioned earlier, the 10 members were divided into 3 teams and selected 3 different tracks to work from. 

Team 1 selected ‘affordable housing’ as their track. They took up the flood-prone areas of Kuttanad as their project location and presented a research paper on stilt houses. The house was designed in such a way that it minimized the use of cement and used  Boards or fibre boards. The structure of the house was built with GI pipes and normal roofing which drastically reduced the cost. Also, team one has completed phase one and has entered phase two of the IUCEE leadership course.

Team 3 selected ‘clean water’ as their track. They sought out to provide clean water for the underprivileged rural people. They proposed a cost-efficient filtration system which uses rapid and slow sand filtration methods. The machines required were easily available and relatively cheap considering the amount of water each unit provides.

All the batches have made their presentation on projects which marked the end of the first phase of the course on 25 May 2020. 

Phase II

The second phase is the implementation level. Selected projects are to be implemented after conducting thorough research and analysis of the various components involved.  

All participants from Saintgits College of Engineering were awarded certificates during the virtual convocation ceremony held on July 23, 2020. Abhay P Biju and Sherwin Mathew Jacob were awarded for good performance, Sooraj R and Allen Kurian Philip for fair performance, and the rest with participation certificates. 

Also, a new IUCEE student chapter was formed in Saintgits College of Engineering with all of us as its primary members. The chapter attempts to develop the employability skills of its members and enlighten them with the vision of IUCEE, to improve the quality and global relevance of engineering education. 

IUCEE Saintgits chapter will be published on 20 July 2020.  The chapter was officially started on 1st May 2020. As a part of another course, IUCEE students chapter course were offered to 3 of the 10 members - Sooraj R, Sherwin Mathew Jacob and Allen Kurian Phillip. 

As of now, the chapter has only 10 members. More students will be inducted in future by publishing relevant ideas and conducting webinars about IUCEE and how to become better engineers and citizens. New members will also undergo a  6 months IUCEE student leadership course similar to what the first btch has had.